Quote from W.A Mountain bike Trail Guide Travis & Jane Deane


"The climbing is always easy on tight interesting single track but you are soon rewarded when you turn and blast down the single track.

It is impressive how the downs keep their flow and although you keep your speed you can also keep off the brakes...although it is a little tight.

Some corners are named to warn you, The Bastard of a corner, but you hold your flow and before you know it you're on the perimeter fence hi-fiving each other (this is one of the Missus' favourite tracks).

The track is interesting and always throwing you a jump, a squeeze or a technical section through varied bush.

This place should be an example for other towns on how to create fun, sustainable trails".


Thankyou so much Travis & Jane for your wonderful comments.

Munda Biddi

Close to the Munda Biddi mountain bike trail from Perth to Albany, only 300m from track. Around Tu-it Caravan Park are members of the Munda Biddy trail foundation & supply a drop off & pick up.
Service, Accommodation along with weekend tours (self ride) & Bike hire (lunch hampers are available on application).
You can pitch a tent or book our 4 star chalet .enjoy a famous Bombers Pie @ the Hollow butt cafe & A sumptuous evening meal @ the Northcliffe Hotel both only a short ride into town...